Advisory Board

 The following industry experts serve on the Secure Insight Advisory Board:



Hon Kenneth M. Donohue
Former HUD Inspector General, 2002-2010
Former Assistant Director, Office of Investigations, RTC
Past Member of TARP-IGC


Regina Lowrie, President, RML Consultants,

Past President, National Mortgage Bankers Association 





Stanley Friedlander, Past President ALTA,
Past President Ohio Land Title Association (OLTA)



Hon. Armando Falcon, Former Director, OFHEO (now FHFA),
Former General Counsel, Banking and Finance Committee,
US House of Representatives




Hon. E. Robert Levy, Executive Director, 
Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey,
Legislative/Regulatory Counsel,
Mortgage Bankers Association of Pennsylvania,
Former Deputy Commissioner, NJ Department of Banking


Wayne Watkinson, Partner, Levy & Watkinson, P.C.
Former Deputy Attorney General, State of New Jersey;
Chairman, Banking Law Section, NJ Bar Association;
Editor, Mortgage Finance Regulatory Manual  

Chris DeLisle, President, Equity Settlement Services, Inc.,


Bart Oates, Attorney, Licensed Realtor, Principal Owner, All Pro Title  



Rob Chrisman, Editor and Publisher, The Chrisman Report


Hon. Richard Peter Stevens, Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough,
Leader-Insurance Regulatory Practice Group, Judge Pro Tempore,
Utah’s Third District Court,
Former Assistant Commissioner for the State of Utah Insurance Department



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