Closing Professional Education

Secure Insight has developed ongoing best practice training, as well as fraud education programs, that registered closing professionals can access to enhance their professional credentials and qualify for lower cost E & O insurance.

To access the Secure Insight Mortgage Fraud Training Module, click here

To access the Secure Insight Ethics Training Module, click here

To access the Dallas MBA Risk Forum Roundtable presentation, click here

To access the Hollywood,FL MBA Settlement Fraud Roundtable presentation, click here


Secure Insight Closing Agent Quality Control Checklist:

Secure Insight recommends that lenders adopt this free form, to be added to your closing package, as one method of reminding closing agents of their fiduciary duties, and also demonstrating to insurers and regulators that you demand minimum standards of quality control at the closing table. This is a small but important resource to record a closing agent's activities and to protect the interests of banks and consumers at a mortgage closing transaction. It also provides a record after the closing that may assist in any future loss mitigation. 

To Download our Closing Agent Quality Control Checklist, click here.

To Download our CFPB Policy Compliance Statement for Lenders, click here.



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